Veterans Orthopedic Disability Lawyer

Many injuries can occur while a veteran is in service—strained muscles, back injuries, and broken body parts, to name a few. Oftentimes, the veteran may not seek medical treatment at the time. Often, he or she would prefer to continue with their duties rather than go to sick bay to receive treatment. Furthermore, jumping out of planes, loading trucks, and hauling ammunition can take quite a toll on someone’s body and the full effects may not be realized for many years after service.

It tends to be very hard to get granted service connection for an orthopedic injury, especially when some veterans may not have sought medical treatment for their injuries while in service. We are an experienced law firm that understands the difficulty that veterans’ face when dealing with VA.

If you are already service connected for an orthopedic injury, it may cause you to have problems with other parts of your body as well. An injured knee may lead you to develop back problems. Our office can assist you with getting a grant of secondary service connection for all your other orthopedic disabilities that are being caused by your initial injury that is service connected.

Our staff is knowledgeable with orthopedic disabilities, some having worked in the orthopedic field before joining our firm. Contact our firm to have us evaluate your claim and determine what additional evidence we can help you gather to further your claims.