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Veteran embarks on cross-country trek to raise awareness for PTSD

British army veteran Neil Davis is walking across the country to raise awareness about the help needed for military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Davis arrived in the United States from Manchester, England, on July 29. He kicked off his journey on Aug. 1 from Cape Cod. So far, he has trekked through Massachusetts into Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York. His goal is to reach Huntington Beach, California, by Veterans Day on Nov. 11.

The 49-year-old veterans advocate is raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project and UK-based veterans charity Combat Stress. He is accepting donations and chronicling his trek via Not Broken, Just Damaged, his Facebook page. Davis has served 24 years with the British army and worked alongside U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan for five years.

“We talk about ‘leaving no man behind,’ but our veterans ultimately get left behind after coming back home . . . I’m doing what I can to bring attention to just how bad the situation is among our veterans. There’s just not enough being done. I don’t expect the system to ever be perfect, but there’s lots of room for improvement,” Davis said.

Davis was inspired to embark on the 3,178-mile journey across 15 states after returning home from Afghanistan. He chose to do the walking tour in the United States rather than his home country because he thought the bigger population would help to gain more attention for the cause.

According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, 10 to 18 percent of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are likely to have PTSD. Claiming that veterans with PTSD do not receive the help they need, Davis said, “If my efforts can help keep just one veteran from ending up homeless or committing suicide, then it’s worth it.”

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World War II Veteran Laid to Rest in Michigan

The Year was 1944.  Robert McConachie was 17 years old and wanted to enlist and defend his country in World War II.  Because of his young age, his father, James McConachie, had to sign a waiver allowing him to join the armed forces.

His father acquiesced and Robert McConachie joined the United States Marine Corps.  He was killed in action in Okinawa on June 14, 1945, in the final months of the war.  He was just 18 years old when he gave his life for his country.  However, Pvt. McConachie’s remains went unidentified for nearly seventy years.

In 1987, Pvt. McConachie’s still unidentified remains were delivered to the Army’s Central Identification Lab in Hawaii.  Recent advancements in DNA testing, however, have helped the Pentagon link them to his brother.  This year, nearly seven decades after his death, Army analysts positively identified Pvt. McConachie’s remains using DNA analysis and dental records.

Pvt. McConachie made his final trip home to Michigan this year.  The Detroit native was buried on November 3 with full military honors at Fort Custer National Cemetery west of Battle Creek.  The fallen soldier’s family now has closure knowing that he has been laid to rest in his home state of Michigan.

On this Veterans Day, it is an important reminder to thank those who serve our country in the armed forces.  It is also a time to reflect on those, like Pvt. McConachie, who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may continue to live in a free country.

If you are a veteran and need assistance with a disability benefits claim, contact the experts at Legal Help For Veterans.  You can reach us at 800/693.4800 or online at

To learn more about Pvt. McConachie’s story, please visit:

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Small Tokens of Appreciation this Veterans Day

by Chandra Briggs

 This November 11th reminds us to give thanks to the brave soldiers that have fought to keep America the land of the free. Companies across the United States are showing their appreciation by offering freebies to Veterans. Keep in mind, you’ll have to bring along proof of military service such as a U.S. Uniform Service ID card, U.S. Uniform Services Retired ID card, current Leave and Earnings statement, photograph in uniform, be wearing your uniform, a veteran’s organization card such as American Legion or VFW, or a DD214. Also note that the offers may vary by location, click on the link of the Company to verify for your locale.

 Bed & Breakfast    (Free night’s stay Thursday Nov. 10)

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General Fausone at UM Nursing

by Jim Fausone

I am often asked about being married to a General.  Believe me it has its benefits but it is not always easy.  Brigadier General Carol Ann Fausone has spent 32 years wearing the Air Force blue uniform with assignments all over the world.  Currently, she is the Assistant Adjutant General for Veterans Affairs in the State of Michigan.  

 Veterans Day 2010, she will travel the State and give a dozen speeches.  One good assignment is being the Officer of the Day at the Illinois v Michigan football game’s ceremony honoring veterans. The General gets field access with the ROTC and sky box access with the Regents. Not a bad job for the spouse who tags along.  She recently gave a presentation at the University of Michigan where she obtained her nursing degree. 

If you want to read about that speech click on:

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