VA To Consider Ease in TBI Secondary Claims

December 12, 2012

Jim Fausone
Veterans Disability Lawyer

The VA compensates veterans for primary and secondary disabilities connected with service.  Traumatic Brain Injury is a signature injury of Iraq and Afghanistan wars because of IED.  So it is good news that VA is considering the secondary effects of TBI.  Last week  VA began the process of adding five illnesses — unprovoked seizures, dementia, Parkinsonism, some hormone deficiencies and depression — as “secondary” illnesses connected to a proven TBI injury.   Researchers from the National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine have found relationships between brain trauma and these other illnesses.  VA does not anticipate significant changes because of the new rule change, because the secondary illnesses still require an existing TBI diagnosis. Those of us who work with VA would disagree because the recognition of these secondary conditions eliminates proving such to VA which can take years and every RO treats these matters differently.  A secondary condition recognition will force that a national standard be applied.

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