AMA FAQs: Completing and Returning Forms in a Timely Manner

July 07, 2020

FAQs About AMA and Returning Documentation

The Veterans Appeals Approvement and Modernization Act of 2017, commonly known as AMA, supposedly made the Appeals documentation submission process painless. However, it’s made the process more difficult. We receive many daily calls from clients asking us about the submission process and more specifically, how timely does my return of documents have to be? So Veterans Attorney Jim Fausone and Senior Claims Developer Katie Martin are here to answer some of those questions!

As previously mentioned, the most common question we receive is, “Why Should I Complete and Maily My Forms Back in a Timely Manner?” That’s easy! Under AMA, all the developments involving appeals have to be submitted up-front. So when you receive forms from our office, we are sending them to you because we have decided there is a deficit in the evidence that’s already in the file. In most cases, we send these forms out when there are no treatment records reporting symptoms, or there are no treatment records showing the symptoms VA requires us to submit evidence of. These forms are critical to fully and completely file your appeal with all the evidence that VA now requires under AMA.

We understand VA Forms are tedious and time-consuming, but these forms are crtical for bridging the gap in your claim and ensuring the door is not closed on your case completely. If you have more questions regarding submitting AMA documentation, Reach Out to Us! (800) 693-4800

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