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January 01, 2021


In this 4 Minutes With LHFV: 1/12/21, we are discussing the need for a medical nexus to be granted disability compensation from VA, there will be new presumptive conditions that will be recognized by Veterans Affairs for disability compensation, a Veterans Radio Podcast on Trump’s Legacy at VA with Rory Riley Topping, and Jared C. Monti’s heroic story courtesy of Home of Heroes.

Need For a Medical Nexus

Legal Help For Veterans receives many inquiries from veterans looking to receive VA disability compensation for their service-connected disability or injury. One of the most important factors for ensuring a successful claim is having a medical nexus or nexus letter.

A medical nexus is essentially a medical connection that is recognized by medicine, between your current diagnosis and what occurred in service that causes the condition. In short, it is a medical link between your service and post-service disability or injury.

Now, a medical nexus’ opinions or determinations can not be made by a layperson. You may talk about symptoms, but you can not give a medical opinion. You may talk about the time frame, such as, “ever since this occurred, this body part has bothered me.”

Your medical nexus letter will come from your private doctor, VA doctor, or even the VA Compensation and Pension Examiner. At Legal Help For Veterans, we have a nurse and private doctor on staff, that evaluates our clients’ medical records daily to help establish that medical nexus connection for your disability claim.

It is very important to remember, a veteran must have a diagnosis, service-connection, and medical nexus to have their VA disability claim granted.

For more information on medical evidence to include in your VA disability claim, Click Here.

New Presumptive Conditions

There are new presumptive conditions that VA has seen so much of, and scientific evidence strongly agrees with. It is presumed, if you had exposure to this or a specific event occurred, then the medical nexus is connected, and a medical link is present.

A very common example of this would be Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam. Let’s say you were boots-on-the-ground and later down the road you develop diabetes.

There is a presumption to this, that medical evidence/research points to and VA recognizes, that shows there is a strong connection to the disability you developed and the Agent Orange exposure you experienced.

Veterans Affairs has recently determined that COVID-19 will be viewed as a presumptive condition for those who have died from or are survivors of COVID-19 and will be eligible for VA disability compensation.

This will be for individuals that have served active duty for more than 48-hours at one time and have developed the illness during that service period or within 14-days after the qualifying period.

One other significant presumptive condition that is being brought up recently comes from the National Defense Authorization Act which was passed by Congress, vetoed by President Trump, and then overridden by Congress.

From a disability standpoint, veterans should know this law will give roughly 34,000 veterans diagnosed with hypothyroidism, bladder cancer, or Parkinsonism access to disability compensation and healthcare services.

Unfortunately, this bill did not cover Hypertension which we often see more claims of, but there are a few Congressmen who have vowed to keep fighting until Hypertension is recognized as a presumptive condition.

This news is quite significant for veterans suffering from these illnesses or disabilities and opens doors to disability compensation/health care services that were previously closed to so many.

Want more information on presumptive conditions? Download our eBook here.

Trump Legacy at VA

Legal Help For Veterans would like to remind our readers and veterans that we are a host and producer of Veterans Radio America. Veterans Radio has been on the air for over 17-years and is still going strong!

We want to point you to a recent podcast called, “Trump’s Legacy at VA”. We spoke with Rory Riley Topping, who is a lawyer with Washington, D.C. experience, a VA watcher, and a policy thinker.

Rory reflects on the last four years of successes and misses under President Trump at VA, discussing the passing of legislation down to the implementation of them.

To stream Trump Legacy at VA with Rory Riley Topping, Click Here.

Jared C. Monti

Legal Help For Veterans is also a significant contributor to Home of Heroes. Home of Heroes is a Medal of Honor and Military History website used by thousands across the world to research medal of honor citations and heroes stories.

We encourage you to check out the story of Jared C. Monti. Jared was a Sergeant First Class in Afghanistan who made the ultimate sacrifice for his comrades and country.

These men, and all men who have received the medal of honor for extraordinary heroism in the line of duty, should always be remembered and never forgotten.

Click here to read Jared C. Monti’s Heroes Story

That is the news we have for you this week, 1/12/2021, join us next week for another installment of 4 Minutes with LHFV!

As always, if you are a veteran that has struggled to receive disability compensation from VA, call Legal Help For Veterans, PLLC at (800) 693-4800, we have helped thousands of veterans across the world receive millions in disability compensation and back pay. 

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