Attending C&P Exams, VA Copay Deferral, James Barber Interview, Douglas Munro

January 01, 2021


In this week’s installment of 4 Minutes with LHFV: 1/19/2021, Veterans Attorney Jim Fausone is discussing: C&P Exam Third-Party Contractors, VA’s Reversal of Copay Deferral, Veterans Radio Podcast on Gaming in the Military with James Barber, and Douglas Munro’s heroic story courtesy of Home of Heroes.

Attending C&P Exams

In our previous installments of 4 Minutes With LHFV, we have discussed the necessary components for a successful VA disability claim. Components such as a current medical diagnosis or medical evidence of the disability or injury, a service-connection tying your service and the consequent injury/disability together, and a medical nexus that links your injury/disability to your specific service or event.

As part of this process, Veterans Affairs will always ask you to attend a Compensation and Pension Exam – or C&P Exam – and our office had an issue come up recently that we wanted to share with our veteran listeners.

One of our clients was confused with the outfit that contacted them for their C&P Exam, an outfit they have never heard of, and did not feel comfortable going somewhere they were not familiar with to complete this C&P Exam.

There is something you should be aware of though, recently in the news, VA has announced they will switch their entire disability examination process to private contractors.

These private contractors will be companies you have never heard of. Companies like QTC, LHI, or VES. In each of these contractors, there is another level of sub-contractors below them.

Undoubtedly, you will be contacted by a third-pay C&P Examiner, they are going to say you have a certain date, time, and location for your exam to attend, if you don’t, your claim will suffer.

However, the entire process is not that simple. You as a veteran have a right to have this C&P Exam conducted at a time, place, and date that works for you. So you can talk to the scheduler and work out a reasonable C&P Exam time, date, and location.

To read more about this topic, Click Here.

VA Copay Deferral

In recent news, VA has started sending out letters to veterans across the nation notifying them that the Copay Deferral program instituted in 2020 for the coronavirus pandemic, has been reversed. VA is asking veterans to pay up their 2020 copay balances as well as pay for 2021 copay’s as they occur.

Depending on how often you utilize this system, your copay balance could already have reached a substantial number, and we have a significant number of our veteran clients worried they may not be able to make these payments in the scheduled manner the letter suggests.

Again, remember you have additional options. You are still able to ask about working out a payment plan, and you can ask for a waiver on those fees.

Do not get too worried, but also do not ignore it. If you receive this letter and there is a dollar amount that frightens you, call the number on it, work out a payment plan, or ask for your waiver due to financial hardship. It may seem black-and-white in the moment, but you always have additional options.

To learn more about VA Copay Deferral, Click Here.

Veterans Radio Podcast – James Barber on Gaming

Veterans Radio Podcasts – James Barber, Off-Duty Editor for, discusses the relationship between Servicemembers and Video Gaming.

As many of you know, Legal Help For Veterans is a large contributor to Veterans Radio America. We recently did an episode with James Barber, the Off-Duty Editor for, where we discussed gaming and the military.

A lot of listeners and readers may say “gaming? That’s something my grandchildren play”. If this is something like your response, we encourage you to take a listen to this episode.

You will learn about how the gaming world and military world intersect, and it’s usefulness with servicemen and women overseas because it connects them to friends back home where they can talk, game, and catch up.

Stream this Veterans Radio Podcast with James Barber, Click Here.

Douglas Munro’s Medal of Honor

We always like to remind our readers and listeners of the heroic stories of our military veterans, both past and present. Legal Help For Veterans helps support this remembrance of these heroes and their acts with our contributing website Home of Heroes.

Home of Heroes is a Medal of Honor and Military History website used by thousands of military history enthusiasts daily. It features Heroes Stories from every conflict or peacetime, and a complete citation list of Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, and Silver Star recipients.

We want to point you to read the citation of Douglas Munro, the only U.S. Coast Guard to ever receive the Medal of Honor. His actions occurred during World War II at Guadalcanal where he unfortunately lost his life.

Visit Home of Heroes, just Search Douglas Munro in the Table!

This is all the news we have for you, make sure to check us out on social media for real-time news and updates on Veterans Affairs and the world of VA disability compensation.

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