Tax Exemptions, VA Telehealth, Capt. John Kaul, Dwight Williams

February 02, 2021

Welcome back to another installment of 4 Minutes With LHFV. Veterans Attorney Jim Fausone has brought 4 fresh topics to discuss this week.

We will be discussing Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemptions; VA Telehealth Appointments; a Veterans Radio Podcast featuring retired Navy Chaplain Capt. John Kaul; and Medal of Honor recipient Dwight Williams.

Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemptions

Sometimes there are benefits of being a service-disabled veteran, not many, but some. A benefit we wanted to discuss this week is property tax exemptions for disabled veterans. Just about every state in the nation has a program or benefit of giving some reduction in your property tax values.

We’re at that point in the year when communities are sending out property value assessments. If you are a disabled veteran, we highly encourage you to approach your city or township and inquire about whether they have discounts for disabled veterans.

Some states require you to meet a certain percent disabled before you can receive discounts like this. But other states maintain a graduated system, like Florida for example, they offer discounts for various things other than just property tax exemptions.

It can get a little confusing, but this is an area that does not require attorney assistance. We recommend calling or visiting your local tax assessor and talk with them about discounts that may be available to you for your specific situation.

If you’re a Michigan resident and are interested in receiving more information about property tax exemptions, click the link below to download our eBook on Michigan Property Tax Exemptions.

EBook on Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemptions – Download Here  

VA Telehealth

As many of us have experienced in 2020, VA has really increased its Telehealth efforts as of recent. If you have not had a telehealth visit, we recommend talking to your provider at your local VA or Community-Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) about setting one up.

We can already hear comments about the barriers to participating in a Telehealth appointment. Whether it’s a lack of technology, or a clear frustration with it and its confusing buttons, VA has been addressing this issue.

Veterans Affairs recognizes there is a clear digital divide in America between urban areas with faster internet speeds or rural areas with slower speeds. Please do not give up on a telehealth appointment, if you do not have the technology, go to your VA provider and tell them there is a “digital divide” and they will provide you with resources to help in this regard.

Want more information on VA Telehealth? Click here

Veterans Radio Podcasts – Capt. John Kaul (ret.)

Veterans Radio Podcasts – Retired Navy Chaplain Capt. John L. Kaul (ret.)

As we always mention, Legal Help For Veterans, PLLC owns and promotes Veterans Radio America, a non-profit radio program illuminating the stories and sacrifices of our nation’s heroes.

VA benefits attorney Jim Fausone is a host of the Veterans Radio Podcast, and we recently published an episode exploring the Chaplain Corps. Those that have served may have had their run-ins with a few Chaplains. But there are not many of them anymore, so this interview was very insightful.

Veterans Radio interviewed retired Navy Chaplain Capt. John Kaul, who spent 26 years in the U.S. Navy as a full-time Catholic Chaplain. Father Kaul’s perspective on the Chaplain and experiences working side-by-side with others of different faiths is quite eye-opening, to say the least.

Home of Heroes – Dwight Williams

This hero’s story courtesy of our friends at Home of Heroes is on Dewayne “Dwight” Williams. Dwight enlisted in the Marines during the Vietnam War right after high school and was deployed at the age of 19. On Dwight’s birthday, he made the ultimate sacrifice for his platoon by laying on an enemy grenade.

Dwight’s Medal of Honor citation fails to paint a picture of the sacrifice and heroism that was made that day, a young man on a mission to serve his country, ultimately losing his life to protect others around him. Dwight Williams’ story and stories like his should never be forgotten, and that is why we love Home of Heroes for stories and perspectives like this.

Search “Dewayne Williams” in the Medal of Honor Table: Medal of Honor Recipients

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Thank you for reading and tuning in for another week of 4 Minutes With LHFV. We will see you next Tuesday with another!

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