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February 02, 2021


In this episode of 4 Minutes With LHFV: 2/9/2021. Veterans Disability Attorney Jim Fausone brings 4 new topics to keep in mind for the week. We will be discussing: how to get a 100% VA Rating; General life advice; a Veterans Radio Podcast featuring Erica Robertson; and Vernon J. Baker’s Medal of Honor story courtesy of Home of Heroes.

How Do I Get a 100% VA Rating?

We hear this question quite frequently in our office, whether from veterans or their dependents, everyone in the veteran-world is wondering, “How do I get a 100% VA Rating?” The answer – like many things in VA-Land – is a lot more difficult than you think.

There are a couple of things veterans should think about before attempting this. Firstly, think about the difficulty of being rated 100% disabled. Veterans cannot increase their disability rating just because they want to, there must be a few conditions met beforehand:

1.     Can your disability go to 100% rated?

2.     Do you have a combination of ratings that can add up to 100%?

Some disabilities eligible for compensation from Veterans Affairs do not reach a 100% rating. Disabilities such as Tinnitus or a Thumb problem do not make the cut. So, if this is your situation, you might be out of luck increasing that rating. Other veterans may have a handful of service-connected disabilities that adds their claim up to a 100% rating.

If you’re interested in beginning your increased rating journey with Veterans Affairs, contact Legal Help For Veterans, PLLC, we offer a Free Claim Evaluation to discuss your potential claim and necessary next steps.

General Life Advice for Veterans

We are putting that topic to the side for a moment to discuss some tragic news coming from Legal Help For Veterans, PLLC. This week we experienced some very tragic losses, one of our clients passed away at the age of 37, while one of our former attorneys passed away at the age of 65.

Let this be a reminder to all readers, listeners, and veterans out there… Appreciate Life! Make sure you are taking advantage of every moment you can, help others you still can, and just enjoy life. These unfortunate passes have helped us remember how fragile existence can be, so enjoy the time you spend with your loved ones.

Veterans Radio Podcasts – Erica Robertson

Veterans Radio Podcasts
Erica Robertson
Retired Navy Service-Woman
Author, “The Adventures of a Little Black Detroit Girl”

In honor of February being Black History Month, Legal Help For Veterans, PLLC wanted to #ShareBlackStories from some of our favorite Veterans Radio Podcast guests!

One of our recent episodes featured Erica Robertson, MBA from University of Michigan, EdD Candidate, retired Navy service-woman, and author of The Adventures of a Little Black Detroit Girl – Homecoming.

Erica writes about her upbringing and intergenerational trauma; her story is that of a single mother at 18 and working two minimum wage jobs to make ends meet. Erica’s story is of love and healing, speaking directly to all resilient and brilliant young adults out there. Homecoming is proof that with relentless tenacity and good people in your corner, anyone who has the heart to fight for themselves and what they believe in, can achieve greatness.

Erica’s new focus is on education for children of color, her 501(c)(3) non-profit “Education at Scale”, and her publishing company Little Black Girl Adventures.

Home of Heroes – Vernon Baker

In that same vein, we want to point you to a Medal of Honor citation on Home of Heroes. Vernon J. Baker received the Medal of Honor for his actions in Italy during World War II.

In April 1945, Baker and his platoon were ambushed by German forces, pinned down by a seemingly never-ending barrage of gunfire and mortar shells, Baker and his company were determined to make it out of there.

Baker discovered company commander Capt. Runyon overcome by fear and calling for reinforcements to cover his withdrawal, Baker knew at that moment he had to take the lead if his men were to make it home safe. Baker would ultimately decide to withdraw, hoping to save some of the lives he was in charge of.

Retreating and under intense fire, Baker managed to crawl and use grenades to destroy two German machine-gun nests clearing the path for his remaining men to reach the safety of the nearest forward aid station. Overall, the attack had lasted 12 hours and 19 of Baker’s men lost their lives.

Originally, Vernon Baker was recommended for the Distinguished Service Cross, which he would be presented with on July 4, 1945, in Viareggio. Shockingly, it would take over 50 years for Vernon Baker to be recognized with the Medal of Honor. Baker, along with 7 other African American Medal of Honor recipients, would be the only one still living to personally accept the award by President Bill Clinton.

Click Here and search “Baker, Vernon J.” in the Medal of Honor Table!

VA Disability Lawyer | Legal Help For Veterans, PLLC

Thank you once again for tuning into another segment of 4 Minutes With LHFV. We hope you found the information helpful and insightful; we will see you next week for another episode and four more topics!

Are you a veteran injured in service and struggling to navigate the complicated VA disability benefits process? Or are you yet to be successful in obtaining VA disability compensation after continuous appeals? Then Legal Help For Veterans, PLLC may be your solution!

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