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February 02, 2021


Welcome to another segment of 4 Minutes With LHFV! This week, 2/16/2021, VA Disability Appeals Attorney Jim Fausone brings 4 new updates for a new week! Learn more about: Additional VA Benefits for Spouses; Black Veterans Empowerment Council; a Veterans Radio Podcast featuring Author Reuben Keith Green; and the Medal of Honor story of Robert A. Sweeney, courtesy of Home of Heroes.

Additional VA Benefits for Spouses

Quite often, our office receives calls from veterans wondering if they receive extra VA disability compensation because they are married. The general rule is yes, if you have a disability rating of 30% or greater then you will receive additional compensation for being married. You can also receive additional disability compensation for your dependents – if you have any.

We hesitate when we say ‘married’ because the required term is “properly married” which is a marriage that can be verified by the VA with the help of amarriage certificate. If you live in a common-law state and are in a common-law marriage, a Veterans Disability Attorney can help you in this situation as well. But please remember, the extra disability compensation you receive is negated if you end up divorcing.

If you are filling out the forms yourself, working with a Veterans Service Organization (VSO), or you are working with Legal Help For Veterans, PLLC, make sure you inform them that you are married so you can receive those extra VA spouse benefits!

Want more information on VA Disability Benefits for Spouses? Click Here

Black Veterans Empowerment Council (BVEC)

Because we are in Black History Month, Legal Help For Veterans, PLLC wanted to let our followers know about an up-and-coming Black Veterans Organization called the Black Veterans Empowerment Council.

The BVEC is a non-partisan organization advocating for the inclusion of Black Veterans in key areas of American Society that will empower them to maximize their participation in the American Dream of Freedom and Prosperity. This coalition of organizations is determined to advance the causes of African-American Veterans.

They have utilized many opportunities to voice their opinions to Congress in an effort to facilitate real, and long-lasting policy changes. In fact, the BVEC first came together in October of 2020, following a round table held by Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, Rep. Mark Takano (CA-41).

During the round table, the eight participants along with Chairman Tanako discussed a number of key issues confronting Black Veterans across the nation. The participants knew there needed to be greater collaboration, discussion, and unity amongst the Black veteran community in order to effectively advocate, which led to the creation of the Black Veterans Empowerment Council.

Veterans Radio Podcasts – LCDR Reuben Keith Green

Veterans Radio Podcasts – LCDR Reuben Keith Green

In that same vein, we want to point our viewers to a Veterans Radio Podcast episode we published in 2020 featuring Lieutenant Commander Reuben Keith Green. In this episode, Reuben K. Green talks about his book, Black Officer, White Navy (2017). It is likely to be the first memoir of an African-American naval officer who rose from high school dropout to unrestricted line officer in the post-Vietnam War-era.

Reuben Green’s unique career path and insightful analysis of both his personal experiences and others in the military paint a clear picture of what was happening in American/Military society at the time. His story perfectly illustrates how the forces of discrimination and institutional racism can make a career in the military fraught with obstacles, as well as opportunities, for a well-qualified minority of any gender, race, or ethnic origin.

Learn more about the great opportunities and challenges in-store for a young Reuben Keith Green.

Home of Heroes – Robert A. Sweeney

As mentioned in previous episodes, Legal Help For Veterans, PLLC is an owner and administrator of Home of Heroes. Home of Heroes is a Medal of Honor Citation and Military History website that is used by thousands of enthusiasts every day!

We wanted to share the story of Robert Augustus Sweeney with you. Robert A. Sweeney was actually the first and only African-American – or American for that matter – to receive two Medals of Honor for gallantry in action.

Both Medals of Honor were awarded to Sweeney for saving two of his servicemen that had fallen overboard the U.S.S. Kearsarge and U.S.S. Jamestown, both occurring during peacetimes.

Learn more about Robert Sweeney, just search “Sweeney, Robert Augustus”: Click Here

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