VA Claim Reevaluations, USS Kitty Hawk, Alvin York MOH

March 03, 2021


This week on 4 Minutes With LHFV, Veterans Disability Attorney Jim Fausone will be discussing: VA claim reevaluations, more specifically when and why VA will bring you back in for a re-rating, an archived Veterans Radio Podcast discussing the Race Riots or Mutiny on the USS Kitty Hawk, and Alvin York’s Medal of Honor story from Home of Heroes.

VA Claim Reevaluations

Occasionally, veterans receiving disability benefits from the VA that are not total and permanently disabled, will be asked for a reevaluation of their rating. There are a few reasons why a reevaluation will come up.

The first reason is you have asked for an increased disability rating, this will prompt VA to reevaluate your disability and establish a higher rating if that condition did not improve.

The second situation is if someone has alerted VA that you are not in fact injured or disabled like your claim says. This situation is rare to tell you the truth, but it does bring up another situation. VA is required by law to re-evaluate you on a periodic basis, what periodic means is open to interpretation, and different types of disabilities prompt a re-evaluation more often or less often.

VA does have the right to reevaluate and re-rate your disability, the important thing is do not worry. But do make sure you go to that compensation and pension reevaluation exam with the proper understanding of what your disability rating is and what is necessary to receive a higher rating.

Veterans Radio – USS Kitty Hawk

As mentioned in every addition to 4 Minutes, we mention a few short stories or podcasts/programs recorded in past. Back in October of 2019, Podcast Host Jim Fausone interviewed Author Gregory Freeman about the mutiny or race riots that occurred on the USS Kitty Hawk in 1972 during the Vietnam War.

Possibly what you would call a race riot today, there were 4,500 sailors on the USS Kitty Hawk, only 302 of them were African-American. The entire crew had been on an extended deployment off the shores of Vietnam and all aboard began to break down.

One evening when the kettle was set to blow, Captain Townsend and EO Comm. Ben Cloud were able to settle everyone down and hear what their frustrations were. The actions of these two men and the entire events on the USS Kitty Hawk were very interesting to hear.

Stream in the mobile player above or click here!

Home of Heroes – Alvin York MOH

Home of Heroes is a military history and medal of honor research website that Legal Help For Veterans, PLLC owns and operates. We have a very interesting story to feature this week coming from World War I.

The story of Alvin York begins in the hills of Tennessee, a self-described “hick”; Alvin was a very religious man and was a conscientious objector.

York had many conversations with his superior officers and pastor about whether he could take up arms and not conflict with the commandment, thou shall not kill.

Ultimately, Alvin goes to Europe, performs admirably in the Argon Forest, is involved in capturing about 130 German prisoners and would later be given the Medal of Honor for his actions.

Learn more about Alvin York, just search “Alvin York” in the Medal of Honor Table!

VA Disability Appeals | Legal Help For Veterans, PLLC

Thank you again for tuning into this week’s episode of 4 Minutes With LHFV, we will have more topics to discuss next week! In the meantime, if you are a veteran seeking assistance with the veteran’s appeals process, increase disability rating, or file a new claim at VA, fill out our Free Claim Evaluation form, or call our office at (800) 693-4800.

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