VA Rating Decision Letter

April 04, 2021


During our Appeals Intake Process, Legal Help For Veterans, PLLC receives numerous inquiries from veterans wondering why we need a complete copy of their VA rating decision letter. To help answer that question, we brought in LHFV Intake Coordinator Ariel to break it down.

What is a VA Rating Decision Letter?

A VA Rating Decision Letter is the first letter veterans will receive from VA after filing a claim for service-connected disability compensation. The rating decision letter will notify you that VA has reviewed your case and determined whether the claim was related to service.

If your claim was granted, the decision letter will establish your disability rating as well as an effective date. Your VA-assigned effective date will correspond to the date that the claim was filed. Most importantly, this is the date that VA will also use as a start date for the payment of your disability benefits.

VA Decision Letter Includes

Your VA rating decision letter will always include:

  • Veterans name in bold
  • VA File Number for your claim
  • Reasoning and evidence, why VA granted or denied your claim.
  • References
  • Decision date

Why we need your Decision Letter

A complete VA decision letter is the most important document we request from the veteran during our Intake Process. The decision letter confirms whether your claim is active or closed. As well as allows our attorneys to cross-reference information to the rating decision to determine if the symptoms warrant an increased rating or if the veteran was appropriately denied.

Evidence provided in the rating decision can help our veterans attorneys decide if you were appropriately rated applying schedular rating criteria. The decision can also indicate whether your appeals were appropriately maintained with any prior decisions.

Sometimes, veterans may think their claim was denied when they were rated at 0%. In this case, the veteran would submit for an increased rating rather than a service-connection claim.

Obtaining a VA Rating Decision Letter

The Department of Veterans Affairs offers a few different ways to obtain your VA rating decision letter.

  • Call the VA and request decision letter to be faxed to our office.
  • Call the VA and request decision letter to be emailed to you.
  • Fax the VA a written request for the letter and ask that it be mailed to you. (May take up to a month)

Need Help? Contact Legal Help For Veterans, PLLC

These are just a few reasons why your VA rating decision letter is a pertinent document to our attorneys. Our review board would like to make a well-informed decision regarding representation. 

Thank you for your assistance in obtaining this document for our office, thank you for choosing Legal Help For Veterans, PLLC, and thank you for your service.

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