Breast Cancer and Burn Pit Exposure

November 11, 2021

According to a 2021 VA-funded research proposal by Rajeev Samant:

“There is a notably high incidence of breast cancer among younger military women (20-40%). The incident rate of breast cancer for active-duty women is seven times higher than the average incident rate of 15 other cancer types across all service members. An estimated 90 percent of deaths due to breast cancer are a consequence of metastatic disease. Thus, metastasis is a formidable and clearly unmet challenge.”

In this article and video, Attorney Jennifer Mariucci will break down the possible correlation between breast cancer and burn pit exposure.

Breast Cancer Statistics

There is evidence suggesting that veterans – especially younger females – who serve in the Southwest Asia theater and were exposed to burn pits, are experiencing increased rates of advanced breast cancer related to that exposure.

From 2000 to 2015, VA saw the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer increase by 5x for those aged 45 to 64. That is over 3% of the Veterans’ Health Administration’s patients in this age group.

There is interest in researching this correlation more closely. Though, there is already existing research suggesting that cancer can be caused by environmental factors, such as burn pits.

However, since the passing of the Gillibrand-Rubio Bill last March, some veterans that have filed for disability benefits have been approved based on this disease.

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