New Client Intake Process

November 11, 2021

For many clients working with VA Disability Law Firms, they are left wondering the process their claim goes through. In this article and video, we’re joined by Intake Coordinator Kristy, Claims Developer Kristin, and Claims Coordinator Janet to give you a better understanding of our office’s claim process.

Kristy – Intake Coordinator

Whether you contact us online or by phone, there are some things our Intake Coordinators need to know first:

  1. Are you currently receiving service-connected disability compensation?
    • If so, what disabilities are you service-connected for and at what percentage? What is your overall rating?
  2. What disabilities are you interested in becoming service-connected for?
    • If already service-connected, are you interested in obtaining an increased rating?

Then, we will need a few documents to start the Intake Process:

  • Copy of DD214
  • Copy of any active decision

After these documents are obtained, one of our dedicated Intake Coordinators will reach out to you for an intake call.

For this conversation, expect a 30-45 minute phone call discussing yourself, the disability you want to service-connect, or ratings you are trying to increase.

Review Process

Once all information and documentation are obtained, your file will be given to our review team, which consists of Senior Claims Developers and Veterans Attorneys.

Unfortunately, we cannot take all claims that come into our office. However, we strive to help as many veterans as possible.

The review process typically takes between 1-2 weeks. Which is a good time to ask our team any lingering questions when they contact you.

Kristin – Claims Developer

If your claim is accepted and representation is offered, you will be assigned a Claims Developer. These individuals work directly under the attorney and are your main point of contact.

Claims Developers are responsible for reviewing all of your medical records and determining which claims go forward. They also determine what forms need to be filled out, if additional evidence is required like lay statements, etc.

Janet – Claims Coordinator

A Claims Coordinators’ role is to be the liaison between a client’s file and Claims Developer.

Coordinators ensure all forms are sent to you and VA, as well as send out any medical packets to the proper sources.

Once forms are sent to a client and signed, we need that documentation back. It is very important that your final application is submitted by our office. Typically, our office only sends representation forms via email where they can be e-signed and returned.

Afterward, we will conduct wellness calls. These are typically every 3 months, and it’s an opportunity for our team to see if there have been any changes to your demographic information, or your disability. This is also an excellent opportunity to ask our team any questions about your disability claim.

Final Claim Submission

Once documentation is ready for submission to VA, it will be assembled by your Claims Developer. It will then be sent to your Claims Coordinator for submission.

The final submission process is a quick direct upload to VA, where our team will forward you a copy for your own records.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a disability that is related to service, whether a disease or injury, contact us here at Legal Help For Veterans, PLLC for assistance with getting VA service-connected disability benefits. Or call our office at (800) 693-4800.

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