Orthopedic Disabilities

Veterans Orthopedic Disability Lawyer

Veterans can sustain many injuries while on active duty — strained muscles, a lower back injury, or broken bones just to name a few. In many cases, veterans do not seek medical treatment while in-service. They prefer continuing with their duties rather than go to the sickbay for treatment.

Furthermore, jumping out of planes, loading trucks, and hauling ammunition can take a toll on someone’s body and you won’t feel the full effects until years after service. Once you finally file a claim for your orthopedic injury, VA could deny it when considering there were no problems over the years that had passed. 

In many cases, a lower back injury or other orthopedic injuries pre-dispose a veteran to early degenerative problems. VA fails to understand this and as a result, repeatedly denies veterans their orthopedic disability claims.

Our office can assist you with receiving a grant of Secondary Service-Connection for your injuries that are being caused by your initial service-connected injury.

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Jumping out of planes, loading trucks, and hauling ammunition can take quite a toll on someone’s body and the full effects may not be realized for many years after service.