About Andrew

Andrew is the Marketing Manager for Legal Help For Veterans, PLLC. He graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing. He brings prior experience with digital marketing campaigns and social media marketing.

Andrew has family members that served in various branches of the military. He is very appreciative to have the opportunity of introducing our nation's veterans to the Legal Help For Veterans brand.


Dave and I want to thank everyone at Legal Help for Veterans for the wonderful work you do for the veterans. If it wasn’t for your team, Dave would never have received his disability. I can’t tell you how many times he went to Boston only to be denied over and over. Thank God we found out about you.

Dave & Linda

Thank you very much for the support. It seems the VA doesn’t really care. They make appointments, cancel them and don’t tell me. Then, they cancel appointments and put me down as a no show. They also haven’t been refilling my meds which is a serious problem. It is nice to have people on my side.


Legal Help for Veterans, PLLC has a national practice representing veterans from across the country. We have helped veterans collect over $10,000,000 in future and retroactive benefits.