About Katie

Katie is a Senior Claims Developer who has worked at Legal Help For Veterans, PLLC since 2012. She has a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University in English, with minors in American Studies and Social Sciences.

Katie has family members who served in Vietnam, Korea, World War II, World War I, and even has several ancestors who fought in the Union Army during the Civil War, one who was wounded at the Battle of Vicksburg and another who was Killed In Action. Because of her family’s deep ties to military service and our country, as well as being extremely cognizant of the fact that disability benefits and medical care did not exist for most of her family members post-service, she believes in the work being done at Legal Help For Veterans, PLLC.

It is important, necessary, and critical to making sure our veterans get the quality of life post-service that they deserve. It is ultimately the job of civilians to hold VA accountable when it fails to provide the necessary health care, benefits, services, and compensation they are entitled to after sacrificing so much for our citizens and country.


I wanted to write to you & your staff to thank all of you for your support & assistance. Not having had much experience in dealings with attorneys I wasn’t sure what to expect. However I want to say that without your help, I’m sure I would have been even more frustrated with the Veterans Administration and their red tape and their “I don’t care attitude.” I know I made the correct choice when I contacted you.

Andrew M

Thank you very much for the support. It seems the VA doesn’t really care. They make appointments, cancel them and don’t tell me. Then, they cancel appointments and put me down as a no show. They also haven’t been refilling my meds which is a serious problem. It is nice to have people on my side.


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