About Sandra

Sandra is a Legal Administrative Assistant at Legal Help For Veterans, PLLC with over 8 years of experience with the firm. Sandra manages the administrative duties and filings and works closely with Claims Developers on VA claims. Sandra comes from a military family, her father and uncle were both in Vietnam, and her son is a Staff Sergeant in the Michigan National Guard for over 15 years. She volunteers for several military charities throughout the Metro-Detroit area. Sandra enjoys helping others and joined Legal Help For Veterans, PLLC to continue on that path of helping our veterans.


The VA approved my unemployable status and I am now receiving 100% VA Compensation. This would not have been possible without your guidance and expertise. I am truly grateful to you and your staff for making this possible. Without your help I would still be bogged down in the prodigious amount of paperwork that the VA is so famous for. If I can be of any assistance to you please don’t hesitate to ask.

Howard K

Thank you very much for the support. It seems the VA doesn’t really care. They make appointments, cancel them and don’t tell me. Then, they cancel appointments and put me down as a no show. They also haven’t been refilling my meds which is a serious problem. It is nice to have people on my side.


Legal Help for Veterans, PLLC has a national practice representing veterans from across the country. We have helped veterans collect over $10,000,000 in future and retroactive benefits.